Day One: A Real-Life Story Transcript

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Beth: For me right now it’s so comforting knowing that as we go from here forward in this little journey that we’re always gonna be together.

Rick: It’s the connection that…we may be talking, we may be sitting at dinner, and it's not a knee that’s touching under the table. It’s holding hands. I had heard about that she was in a training class with some people that I had hired.

Beth: One of the guys that I went to training with…he said you’ve got to meet Rick Brown, and I’m like…yeah you’re probably right I do.

Rick: Right away it was the blue eyes that got me. Color of the Colorado blue sky

Rick: Her capacity to love is absolutely overwhelming.

Beth: When we got married

Rick: I had three kids, and she became a full-time mother of three.

Beth: It was soccer and ballet and cheerleading and baseball and…You know, we had this color coded calendar that hung in the kitchen. Those years were crazy. So as we go into this next phase, you know, a big part of that for us is just knowing that there isn’t anything on the schedule. You know, Rick’s dad was dead at 42, and my dad was dead at 52. My mom was 47 year old when my dad died. They never got to travel. They never got to go do all that stuff together.

Rick: You don’t know what tomorrow is gonna bring. My brother and sister both had a heart disease situation at 43, so I don’t know how long I’m gonna be around.

Beth: It was really our financial guy saying “You know what…

Rick: Based on the security that your career is providing you, you guys can retire together now, and you’re going to be fine.

Beth: I don’t think we’ll ever stop falling in love with each other. My heart is…my heart is…full.

Rick: She has honored me by choosing to spend her life, her one life, with me.

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